10 days with the Karcher K4 pressure washer

Karcher K4 pressure washerIt is very important to buy the right cleaning appliance that meets all your needs and keeps you safe. In such case the Karcher K4 pressure washers ease your work and are the best cleaning appliance used for several purposes. After reading many Karcher K4 reviews I took the plunge and bought one and I have been using this pressure washer for 10 days from now and here I go sharing my experience with it.

Day 1: The first and foremost day I decided to go easy with the pressure washers so I just chose the planted pots that were covered with some cobweb. Just 10 minutes and I was done with the cleaning

Day 2: After the pots next was the garden furniture. I could actually adjust the pressure manually with one of the nozzles and clean the sensitive areas like brickwork and pot holders. The wood cleaner detergent is perfect for any garden furniture.

Day 3: Barbeque and garden stone walls was just easy to clean. The dirtblaster lance helped to clear out all the moss that sheltered on the stone walls. The powerful 3-in-1 formula offers exceptional cleaning with the active first dissolver and algae protection formula.

Day 4: The outdoor concrete steps were really dirty after all the withering leaves had covered them up. It was easy to click quickly in and out of the gun and device while I also saved the time and effort.

Day 5: The telescopic handle helps in easy transportation and also allows compact storage. This was ideal to clean all around the house. I also did not have the fear or dust particles entering the motor since there is a fine mesh water inlet filter.

Day 6: This good Saturday was just perfect to improve our outdoor space. It was pretty easy to pull up the weeds from patio and make the space look better. The surface cleaner attachment removed most excess dirt by producing a lot of spray. The T350 patio cleaner and detergent was perfect for the day’s task.

Day 7: So we finally started the hard work with the K4. The car cleaning! The detergent suction hose and dirt blaster lance provided high standard pressure. I could easily switch between the high pressure wash jet and low pressure detergent application. My vehicle was white washed after a great effort.

Day 8: Monday the rest day!

Day 9: Cleaning the deck was no more tiring with K4. It was a good splash free cleaning. The auto mode helped me not to worry about the amount of detergent to be used. The detergent plug and clean system is convenient and quick for detergent changeovers.

Day 10: The water cooled induction motor enhances the performance and longer life of the device. This helps to use less energy. I could also clean my dirt ragged motorbike with the ergonomically designed trigger gun.

The entire household was just as new as it was 5 years back and I just love sit and relax now. After passing 10 days with the K4 home pressure washer I can definitely say it is great for any cleaning tasks.


Using the Motorola MBP36S baby monitor

Having an eye on the baby during his/her sleep time is very important for new parents. Until baby reaches its toddlerhood, the monitor comes to a great use in various situations including sleep training. Effective use of the camera and its great features can give a sigh to the parents. The Motorola MBP36S is one of the best video baby monitors available and has amazing features such as infrared night vision, remote adjustable camera, and more which make it one of the top baby monitors in the marketplace.

Effective use of the baby monitor

  • Adjustable camera: Only when you have properly set up the device you can have a clear view of the baby. The camera can be adjusted by the remote access with tilt/pan/zoom options on the device. Mount the camera anywhere, but usually it is unsafe to mount on the walls as there are chances of damage to the unit. Mounting the camera on the wall can a better solution if you are not moving the baby often from the crib or nursery. Always keep the device plugged in to the power supply so that you need not worry about the battery draining away.
  • Infrared night vision functionality: Set up the infrared night vision functionality during the sleep time so that you can see the baby even in pitch blackness. You can choose to place the monitor in dim light room to have much clear picture even at night. Keep the cameras close to the crib as much as possible so that the entire crib can be seen clearly. This is because kids have the habit of rolling over during their sleep.
  • Parent unit: You can see if the baby is sleeping and breathing well in the cozy crib. Parents should note that the daylight picture appears in full color but the night mode turns to be black and white. The unit is light weight so place anywhere you want on a table or other flat surface. It is wise to switch off the button when not in use.
  • In- built lullaby system: It is a lovely touch you have with this unique system. There are 5 polyphonic lullabies which are in built to soothe your baby. You can use this system, but it will be more calming for the baby when you yourself lull the baby to sleep.
  • Wireless system: Camera can be controlled anywhere from the home. But there is a certain area limit, after crossing it there will be warning signals appearing on the device. Though there is less chances of dropping the signal, see to that 600 feet is not reached beyond point. The navigation under the menu is so damn easy to use that you will find no difficulty in operating.

With all these wonderful features and comfy usage, Motorola MBP36S becomes the top most items in the baby registry. See to that your baby will never be out of sight using this baby monitor. Enjoy the peace of mind you deserve after all the hard work you have had.